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Clear Browser History

If you are concerned that someone may be able to see your browsing history, you may click the link below for instructions on how to delete website history.


Information to consider

If you erase your entire browser history and cache list, it may bring attention to the fact that you know how to do this and raise suspicion to others who may be using the same computer as you. Deleting selected or individual websites can help prevent this. You will want to delete the web browsers cache, which holds the most recently downloaded websites and your history list, which contains the web addresses of the sites you have visited.


Other options

There is also the option of a private browser that stores no information from any session. Most browser will have an option called “new incognito window” or “new private window” which can be found in the main menu.

How to clear history

In order to determine what browser you are using you can select the ‘help’ toolbar on the top of the page to see a dropdown menu and will list Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Internet Explorer.