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Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment


The Policy on A Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment is intended to:

  • Promote a workplace and learning environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and/or bullying;
  • Protect the health, safety and security of the University community;
  • Outline the rights, responsibilities and types of behaviour that fall within the scope of this policy;
  • Outline procedures for handling and resolving complaints of alleged discrimination, harassment and/or bullying;
  • Meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1990 and the Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990 (the Code).
  • This policy also has accompanying procedures and a training program


Please read the following documents to learn more about our Policy and Program on a Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment.


You can also find a copy of the policies mentioned above on our Policies and Accountability page.