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Laurentian University reaffirms its dedication to environmental stewardship

Tree planted on campus to symbolize commitment to progress

In a city well aware of a tree’s power to transform, Laurentian University was proud to have Gitxsan scholar and activist, Dr. Cindy Blackstock, plant a tree on campus as part of the convocation ceremony on October 26th where she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws. With a continued commitment to the environment, this gesture underpins Laurentian’s dedication to tree planting and soil restoration on its campus.

"To have Dr. Blackstock plant a tree on our campus, helping to reaffirm the importance we afford to taking action on climate change is a meaningful step” said Dr. Robert Haché, President and Vice-Chancellor of Laurentian University.

“The upcoming decade has been declared by the United Nations as the Decade of Environmental Restoration. Laurentian University's faculty and students, in conjunction with our community, industry and government as well as college and sister university partners, have for more than 40 years led the world with our "regreening and related environmental restoration research" to address local problems of air pollution and industrial land damage.” said Dr. John Gunn, Canada Research Chair in Stressed Aquatic Systems.

Laurentian will pull from this talent and passion to work on updating the existing Environmental Policy while exploring potential projects and initiatives such as a carbon offset and restoration forest on campus. This focus has been identified as a priority in Laurentian’s Strategic Plan. Specifically, one of the 25 outcomes is defined as "being a leader in influencing global audiences with research and expertise in environmental stewardship of water and land".