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Laurentian University appoints new faculty members to tenure-track

Investment in faculty complement to enhance student experience

(August 8, 2023) - Laurentian University has invested in faculty renewal and appointed multiple tenure stream faculty members across multiple academic units. These new hires will contribute to the academic environment through their teaching, graduate supervision, research and involvement in supporting a vibrant learning environment for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year and beyond. 

“This is an investment in advancing Laurentian’s academic mission and our bilingual and tricultural mandates,” said Dr. Brenda Brouwer, Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic. “These individuals bring exceptional expertise, experience and new energy that will enrich the student experience and foster new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. We are thrilled to welcome our newest tenure-track recruits  - the talent they bring will contribute immensely to Laurentian’s growth; the future is indeed bright.”

Newly appointed tenure-stream faculty members are listed by Faculty below:

Faculty of Education and Health - School of Indigenous Relations 

  • Nicole Wemigwans 

    • Research interests: Anishnaabe motherhood and parenting, Indigenous methodologies, Indigenous health, Matriarchal and gender studies, Holistic pedagogies in Social Work

    • Anticipated courses: ISWK 3305: Indigenous Theories and Perspectives in Social Work Practice I; ISWK 4305: Indigenous Perspectives - Theories for Social Work Policy II

  • Adria Kurchina-Tyson

    • Research interests: Indigenous epistemologies, Queer/2 spirit kinship, Interspecies relations, Sexuality (kink/BDSM)

    • Anticipated courses: MIRE 5006: Indigenous Relations and Worldviews - Theory and Practice; MIRE 5056: Natural Resources and the Environment from Indigenous Perspectives; ISWK 4416: Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking in Indigenous Social Work Practice

Faculty of Education and Health - Sciences infimières 

  • Sylvain Leduc

    • Research interests: Primary care for transgender, gender-diverse and non-binary individuals, Barriers to access to gender-affirming care services in Northern Ontario

    • Anticipated courses: SCIN 5356: Formation Avancée en Évaluation de la Santé 1; SCIN 5357: Formation Avancée en Évaluation de la Santé 2

Library and Archives

  • Natasha Gerolami 

    • Research interests: Information/media policy and ethics, Access, control and ownership of information 

    • Anticipated responsibilities: Liaison librarian for the Faculty of Arts; Co-ordinator of the Archives 

Faculty of Arts - French as a Second Language 

  • Valérie Raymond 

    • Research interests: Contact des langues (emprunts lexicaux, alternances codiques), l'Acquisition, l'apprentissage et la maîtrise de la langue française en contexte minoritaire, les genres grammaticaux, le bilinguisme et le multilinguisme, le rôle de la culture dans l’apprentissage de la langue, la sécurité linguistique en contexte minoritaire

    • Anticipated courses: FREN 3816: Le français dans le monde; FREN 2816: Éléments de la linguistique générale; FREN 3536: Grammaire de l'écrit en contexte; FREN 2506/2507: Interactions orales et écrites I et II; FREN 4515: Produits culturels canadiens français; LANG 1005: Grammaire appliquée à la rédaction

Faculty of Management 

  • Patricia Orozco Quijano

    • Research interests: The future of work, Work Integrated Learning (WIL), work skill development, international business sustainability practices and international markets.

    • Anticipated responsibilities: MGTG 4041: International Marketing; MGMT 5901: Work Integrated Learning. Anticipated responsibilities: BBA/BAA Coordinator

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture - Science Communication 

  • Chantal Barriault

    • Research interests: Learning science in informal environments, Science Communication and its influence on how people learn science and engage with current science-based societal issues such as climate change

    • Anticipated courses: SCOM 5026: Learning Theories and Practice in Science Communication; SCOM 5116 Research Methods in Science Communication; SCOM 5125 Major Research Project in Science Communication 

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture - Computer Science 

  • Meng Cheng Lau

    • Research interests: intelligent mobile robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning, embedded systems

    • Anticipated courses: COSC 4117: Artificial Intelligence; CPSC 5616: Machine Learning and Deep Learning; CPSC 5207: Topics in Computer Science - Intelligent Mobile Robotics; COSC 3106: Theory of Computing 

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture - Architecture 

  • Amina Lalor 

    • Research Interests: land-based design practice and pedagogy, land- and arts-based community engagement in design, (re)storying and decolonial mapping

    • Anticipated courses: ARCH 5525 EL 01 Indigenous Design Studio,  ARCH 1017 EL 01 Indigenous Precedents, ARCH 3006 EL 01 Indigenous Precedents

In addition to the above, a new tenure-track appointment has been made in the Faculty of Arts Droit et justice, and two other searches are expected to be completed shortly.