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Laurentian’s Association of Chemistry receives recognition for outstanding contributions

2023 Canadian Society for Chemistry Student Chapter Merit Award

(September 26, 2023) - The Laurentian Association of Chemistry was selected as an honourable mention for 2023 Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) Student Chapter Merit Award.

Since its inauguration in 2020, the Laurentian Association of Chemistry has been led by undergraduate students affiliated with chemistry. The group provides academic support for students through review packages for first-year chemistry exams, tutoring in a wide range of science-based courses, the Chemistry Crash Course bootcamp, and the Science and Engineering Study Socials hosted on campus throughout the academic year. Other events include a symposium series with vocational information from local experts and the annual fundraiser for the Sudbury Food Bank in partnership with other student clubs from the School of Natural Sciences, which has raised $5,665 to date. 

“We try to offer quality programming directed at both the academic and social needs of students at Laurentian,” says Josh Hubert, president of the Laurentian Association of Chemistry. “Our campus is host to a wonderful community which inspires us daily to grow and improve it in whatever way we can.” 

The Chemical Institute of Canada presents annual student awards to bring attention to the outstanding contributions of post-secondary students. The CSC Student Chapter Merit Award has been awarded to student associations to recognize and encourage initiative and originality in Student Chapter programming in chemistry since 1994.

Receiving an honorable mention for the CSC Student Chapter Merit Award is a tremendous achievement for the newly minted association. The Laurentian Association of Chemistry is grateful for its many partner organizations at Laurentian, especially for the chemistry faculty, notably Drs. Eric Gauthier, Louis Mercier, Jeffrey Shepherd and Stefan Siemann, all of whom have contributed significantly to the association’s initiatives over the past three years.

The Laurentian Association of Chemistry is always accepting new members interested in getting involved. Those wanting to learn more about the association are encouraged to reach out through email at