An innovative strengthened collaboration among Laurentian University, Collège Boréal and La Cité

Creating an accessible and unprecedented pathway for Francophone college graduates in business administration

Sudbury (ON), January 26, 2016 – Laurentian University, Collège Boréal and La Cité signed an articulation agreement today to accelerate the process of obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration for graduates of Ontario’s two francophone colleges.


As of September 2016, graduates of the two-year Business Administration programs at Collège Boréal and La Cité will benefit from a practical 2+2 model allowing them to earn a Baccalauréat en administration des affaires (B.A.A.) from Laurentian University. According to the agreement, college graduates will need to complete the equivalent of two years of university studies as well as a statistics course to earn the degree. This prior learning recognition in business is without precedent in the Francophone community and among the most beneficial in Ontario.


Students of Collège Boréal and La Cité who wish to pursue their studies in Laurentian University’s Faculty of Management will also have the option to take their courses in French on campus or through a hybrid model. This added flexibility may allow them to enter the job market while completing their studies and pursuing their professional activities. Furthermore, by combining a college diploma and a bachelor’s degree, these students will have a competitive edge on the job market as well as access to several professional designations.


The agreement was made possible with a grant from the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT).




“This agreement was implemented by Laurentian University, Collège Boréal and La Cité and fits within their willingness to further progress the postsecondary education continuum in French on a provincial scale. As the first bilingual university designated under the French-Language Services Act, Laurentian also aims to recognize the quality of French-language training programs offered by the colleges and increase the Francophone gateways to university studies for the benefit of students.”

            Dominic Giroux, President and Vice-Chancelor of Laurentian University



“Thanks to this new articulation agreement, Collège Boréal and its partners will continue to collaborate closely at the provincial level to offer more flexibility to Francophone students throughout Ontario striving to reach their career goals. For Collège Boréal, La Cité and Laurentian University, this initiative reflects a joint desire to work together within a concerted strategy that puts their students first.”

Pierre Riopel, President of Collège Boréal


“This new agreement stems from an innovative and strengthened collaboration and reflects a willingness shared by our three institutions to offer the very best training options to our students while further responding to the current and future realities of the job market.”

Lise Bourgeois, President of La Cité


“ONCAT is proud to support our college and university partners like Laurentian University, Collège Boréal and La Cité for their commitment to building an education system that is responsive to students’ needs. With a focus on student mobility, this agreement will help to produce graduates that are highly skilled, diverse and adaptive to Ontario’s economic demands.”

Glenn Craney, Executive Director of the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer