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LU donates thousands of high-quality masks to Sudbury’s frontline healthcare workers

Gift to HSN made possible by ongoing partnership with Jianxi University of Science and Technology

Laurentian University continues its commitment to helping critical workers stay safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This week, the institution has donated 8,000 masks to our colleagues at Health Sciences North.

The masks, more properly known as surgical or face masks, help minimize the risk of exposure to harmful airborne matter by filtering out 95 percent of potentially dangerous particulate matter. This particular type of mask is recommended by Health Canada for any healthcare worker in close contact with patients who may carry illnesses transmitted by airborne droplets.

This donation would not be possible without the timely aid of our institutional partners at Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JXUST). We thank their efforts and look forward to continued positive cooperation in the future.

“The donation of these masks speaks to the engagement of our partners in ensuring the success of our joint program. The collaboration between Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and Laurentian University is an exemplary model for all international partners in academia. The partnership is built on mutual respect and a shared goal of improving each other's communities. This partnership would not be where it is today without the help of Mr. Dongyu Tom Lin from SLARK, who jointly supported the donation of masks with our colleagues at JXUST. Thank you, President Yang Bin and Mr. Tom Lin. Together we are stronger.” Justin Lemieux, Director of Student Recruitment at Laurentian University