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Geologists “Discovering Ancient to Modern Earth”

500+ Participating in International Event

(May 2, 2023 - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) —Laurentian University’s Harquail School of Earth Sciences will host the Annual Meeting of the Geological Association of Canada, Mineralogical Association of Canada, and the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (GAC-MAC-SGA) from May 23-31.

More than 500 geologists from across the globe will participate in three days of scientific presentations and six days of field trips and workshops, including symposia on Critical Minerals and Sudbury Geology, and special sessions on Environmental Aspects of Mine Wastes, Geoscience Communication, and a wide range of other geoscientific topics. The Program also includes Special Events on Indigenous Relations, Women in the Geosciences, and the Arctic, the former two of which are open to the public and take place on Friday, May 26. Delivered in hybrid format with both on-site and virtual components, conference abstracts, talks, and posters will be given in English or French. 

Delegates from more than 13 countries, including Australia, South Africa, Portugal, England, China, and Norway, are registered. Participants include leading academics, geoscience students, as well as government and industry representatives.

The theme of the meeting is Discovering Ancient to Modern Earth. “Laurentian University, and Sudbury, are ideal hosts for this year’s meeting,” said Michael Lesher, Chair of the Conference’s Local Organizing Committee. “The city is located within one of the world’s largest and best-preserved meteorite impact craters, is the world’s largest nickel-copper-platinum exploration-mining-service cluster, and is in close proximity to a wide range of interesting geology and some of Canada’s richest and most prolific gold belts. Laurentian University and its Harquail School of Earth Sciences are global leaders in geoscience research and education, and we are proud to welcome visitors from around the world to engage with us through this conference and its programming.” 

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