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LU adapts Exam Wishes to Pandemic

Drive to bring a little cheer to busy students during exam prep a little different this year

(Dec. 11, 2020) It goes without saying that the pandemic has given us some unprecedented ups and downs in 2020. This makes the need to keep the generous spirit of this season going more than ever, even if it means modifying our traditions to suit the times. This is why we have decided to bring back Exam Wishes for another year, with some modifications. 

Exam Wishes is an initiative of the Laurentian University Alumni Association (LUAA). In previous years, students in need of a boost while studying for final exams would put out a call for a little boost on social media; some asked for coffee, others asked for a timely snack (especially pizza!) A team of volunteers would then kick into action, dispatching an alumnus to pick up and deliver the requested items. LUAA members would also share words of encouragement to the dedicated learners during this stressful time. 

LUAA has adapted its approach this year. Laurentian University alumni sent advice and tips to students preparing for exams this week, while also sending virtual gift cards redeemable for the food and caffeinated beverages of their choice. 273 students benefitted from this program from December 7th to December 10th. We look forward to the day where we can bring this initiative back in full.