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Laurentian begins welcoming back researchers to campus

Select research facilities will re-open through pilot project

(June 8, 2020) It’s a message that many researchers at Laurentian University have been eagerly anticipating. The University recently announced that it is planning a pilot project which will see the opening of some on-campus labs to support researchers and graduate students. The labs identified for the pilot project include the Vale Living With Lakes Centre, the Harquail School of Earth Sciences, and the Perdue Central Analytical Facility. This pilot project will enable 120-130 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to resume their academic pursuits.

This plan will be accompanied by detailed health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of all involved. For example, new signage will enforce physical distancing, one-way pedestrian traffic flow, and the University will be limiting the number of people in any given area of campus. Additionally, hand sanitizer is being distributed to departments as they return that has been produced by Dr. Eric Gauthier at Laurentian University.

The pilot project will begin immediately, and the University is developing a process for researchers who are not part of the pilot project to be able to request access to campus and/or resume field work.

“Research activities are at the core of our university and we are now certain that some of these activities can resume safely. We are pleased to begin implementing step one of our plan to reopen campus.” Dr. Robert Haché, President and Vice-Chancellor of Laurentian University

“Faculty and graduate students have been continuing their research, and scholarship remotely where possible; however, many use specialized equipment, databases and archives only available on campus. We are thrilled that today’s announcement will enable a significant number of students to resume research on campus and in the field and our team will continue to work closely with the Dean of Graduate Studies during this process.” Dr. Tammy Eger, PhD, Interim
Vice-President, Research of Laurentian University