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Launch of the book “Les émotions : Comment mieux les expliquer – Volume 2”

Psychology research supports the development of young Francophones’ emotional understanding

(November 23, 2021) -  For the past few years, Dr. Annie Roy-Charland and Dr. Jacques Richard, of Moncton University, and Dr. Mélanie Perron, of Laurentian University, have been conducting research in the Greater Sudbury and Moncton areas to assess the impact of reading on the way children understand emotions. For this project, the researchers collaborated with author and illustrator, Émilie Myriam Roy, to develop the book Les émotions : Comment mieux les expliquer - Volume 2. 

“It is with great pleasure and a real sense of accomplishment that we present Volume 2 of the book Les émotions : Comment mieux les expliquer,” said Dr. Perron. “After several years of scientific development and assessment, we are very proud to unveil this illustrated book to the public. Not only is it enjoyable to share with children, it also serves as a tool for Francophones who want to improve the understanding of emotions, an essential skill for the healthy development of children.”

The book includes five short stories focusing on the various aspects of intermediate emotional experiences. The stories are centred on topics adapted to children aged 7 to 11 years, and some guidelines for discussion are suggested. Since reading these stories has had positive results on children’s social and educational adaptation, the researchers received funding from Health Canada for printing and publishing the book.

This volume is preceded by Volume 1, released in October 2019. Research to develop these vibrantly illustrated books first started in 2007. 

These books also benefited from the support of both the Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) and Éditions Prise de Parole publishing house

The CNFS holds important not only the development but also the mobilization of knowledge on the health of minority Francophones communities.

 More information on these resource books and digital copies of both volumes are available on the CNFS Laurentian webpage.