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Accreditations renewed for French-language Teacher Education programs at Laurentian University

New programs committed to responding to teacher shortage

(March 21, 2023) - Graduates of Laurentian University’s education programs have been, and continue to be, in very high demand. French language programs offered by Laurentian’s School of Education have successfully renewed their accreditation for seven years with the Ontario College of Teachers. This includes the accreditation of new and existing programs: 

A unique incentive to enroll in Laurentian’s Baccalauréat en éducation (en plusieurs parties, en ligne, à temps partiel) is now available to francophone students. This OCT-accredited multi-session program aims at enabling teacher-candidates to enter the profession with a Transitional Certificate of Qualification and Registration as they are completing their program. Once a student completes specific requirements, including completing two weeks of placements, they will become eligible for this transitional certificate. 

 “Graduates from Laurentian’s education programs are in high demand, and this is especially true of those enrolled in our French-language teacher education programs. This accreditation will act as a catalyst for those considering a career in education,” said Dr. Patrice Milewski, Laurentian University’s Interim Dean, Faculty of Education and Health. 

The teacher shortage has been a concern for the Province’s French-language school boards for many years. Laurentian will help counter this shortage with its education programs.

“Laurentian University is committed to responding to the current teacher shortage. These newly accredited programs will assist not only our students, but also French-language school boards who seek to fill the employment gap of qualified teachers. Laurentian University is very well positioned to support the need for teachers in Northern Ontario, and in the wider reaches of the Province,” said Roch Gallien, Special Advisor of the Office of Francophone Affairs, Laurentian University. 

Laurentian currently has nearly 250 students studying in French-language education programs, and applications remain open for fall 2023.