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The Human Sciences Monograph Series is a Canadian bilingual publication which stresses the interconnections between theory, practice, and pedagogy in the studies conducted in Humanities and Social Sciences. It provides scholars working across these fields with an accessible way to share their thinking and thus foster a healthy conversation about the implications of the day-to-day work they do within the Humanities and Social Sciences in the contemporary university. 

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The essays and workshop reports collected in this volume aim to support a move toward Writing Across the Curriculum which is slowly making itself felt in English Canada. The also hope to generate within French Canada a consideration of Langue Intégrée aux Programmes as a fruitful and necessary pedagogy for the increasingly plural community we inhabit.


Volume 1 CoverSchryer, Catherine F., Laurence Steven & Renée Corbeil (sous la direction de)
ISBN: 0-88667-027-6
$ 25.00 CAD.



This volume presents a sociolinguistic and linguistic study of neology in Arabic terminology. It first deals with the question from the point of view of language planning in order to determine the social, political, economical and historical factors and characteristics influencing this linguistic process. it then proceeds with a descriptive and critical study of the Arabic language system based on the current Arabic linguistic theories and the contemporary linguistic theories and an important terminographic corpus.

Volume 2 CoverReguigui, Ali
ISBN: 0-88667-028-4
$ 25.00 CAD


One could have believed that the universal notions of humanity and history would someday give way to less ideological concepts… One could also have believed that constructivism would eventually not only reveal the impotence of the empiristic attitude but also awaken research workers to the role, in theorization, of the human being as an agent of modelization rather than as a subjectivity. Neither phenomenon, however, has occurred. For the most part, contemporary social sciences are still manipulating undefined universal categories through which humanity’s evolution is the product of its sole subjectivity and who’s most important epistemological critique still consists in denouncing the subjectivity or personal interest of a theory’s author.

Volume 3 CoverLaflamme, Simon
ISBN: 0886670306
$ 25.00 CAD.


Based on a corpus made up of video-cassettes recorded during family gatherings, this study describes the linguistic behaviours of a Franco-Ontarian family from the region of Sudbury, with emphasis on certain phenomena specific to its situation of languages in contact. The use of English loan words raises a particular issue, especially in the case of interjections and phrases. Switching languages, or codeswitching, is attested in our corpus, especially in relation to extrasentencial switching which in addition comprises a high rate of interjections and idiomatic expressions. But it is the choice of languages, in relation to situational or social factors, that is most characteristic of the speakers. These phenomena would prove that Franco-Ontarians constitute an ambilingual community, which is highly adaptable to the linguistic situations in which it exists.

Volume 4 CoverMelanson, Natalie
ISBN: 0-88667-031-4
$ 25.00 CAD


This book initiates a thought process regarding the mobility of the mining workers of the North by exploiting a variety of sources, including archives from mining companies which are considered to be the richest materials of the book. Not only does the book examine the geographical mobility of the workers, but it also deals with their internal mobility. Notably, mines have provided learning opportunities for a minority of workers, which goes beyond historians' traditional perception of mines as places of confrontation. One of the okey topics of the study discusses companies' hiring policies which have strongly influenced the ethnic composition of the labour force and, consequently, the population of northern Ontario and Quebec as a whole.

Volume 5 CoverGaudreau, Guy
ISBN: 0-88667-041-1
$ 25.00 CAD


From the seventies, a change occurred in the work environment. A socio-economic and political context of crisis made it possible to propel the debate on the legitimacy of the taylorian-fordian company. It is also in this context that new work experiences emerged. Employers, the group of affiliated trade-unions, the State and the intellectuals, all underline the emergence of a “new industrial order”. But how did we come to that? What are the stakes of these changes? This book tries to bring an empirical answer to these questions.

Volume 6 CoverBagaoui, Rachid
ISBN: 0886670489
$ 30.00 CAD


A historic milestone and a summary of the last thirty years of the twentieth century, these position papers on Franco-Ontarian literature reveal the vitality of this body of work and the rigorous criticism applied to it. The deep thought dedicated to it both within and outside the Province focuses not only on particular works, but also on general considerations of agreement and disagreement. We hope that this book, marking this fertile subject, will stir debates and give birth to other books to advance the convergence and consolidation on Franco-Ontarian discourse. This will aim at a constant reevaluation of all the literary genres, so they will not only be highlighted, but also accompanied by a criticism which will assure that attention will be paid to it within the Canadian borders, as well as without.

Volume 7 CoverBouraoui, Hédi (sous la direction de)
ISBN: 0-88667-055-1
$ 25.00 CAD


Theoretical analysis is not enough to characterize the process of complex word formation in the field of terminology. General and the speciality languages do not present important qualitative differences as they share the same resources and, to a degree, use the same processes. However, they are distinguishable at the quantitative level. Dispersion and distribution analysis of language structure is therefore used to highlight each system's properties. This book adopts this analysis this method of analysis and presents an integrated study of the various formal and quantitative aspects of the complex word formation process in Arabic terminology. It covers, in detail, the morphological, morpho-syntactic, semantic and logical characteristics of the Arabic complex words.

Volume 8 CoverReguigui, Ali
ISBN: 0-88667-058-6
$ 40.00 CAD


The Muse Strikes Back traces the “Ariane’s thread” to guide readers through the labyrinth of Hédi Bouraoui’s dense, highly figurative, “exploding” novels. It focuses on the bridging of gender and genre, of narratology and fascinating series of female protagonists from diverse cultures – “Koï thaï”, the Tunisian Zitouna, the French Francine, the Egyptian Hatchepsut, the part-Tunisian, part-Corsican Héloïse, the Italian Lisa / Palimpseste, even a feminized talking CN Tower – who rebel against the traditional role of Muse (Dante’s Beatrice, Shakespeare’s Dark Lady), who have minds of their own and their own tales to tell. With a bow to the archetypal female artist Scheherazade, Bouraoui’s fiction creates a dialogue between the sexes, as it does between cultures, and between past and present.

Volume 9 CoverSabiston, Elizabeth
ISBN: 0-88667-059-4
$ 25.00 CAD


Confronted by globalisation, societies must make their social-institutional systems evolve. during this process, countries with centralizing cultures such as France experience many difficulties, as it is shown by the relationship between the French State and its commons. The study of representations of the local authority enables us to identify the ideological and cognitive sources directing the political-administrative standards and practices. Hence, we can better understand why decentralization, which allows local autonomy, contravenes a national model of bi-secular institutional rationality.

Volume 10 CoverRoggero, Pascal
ISBN: 0-88667-068-3
$35.00 CAD


The twenty-five texts represent the Proceedings of the International Colloquium, "Transculturel-Transpoétique: L'Oeuvre d'Hédi Bouraoui," held at York University, Toronto, May 26-28, 2005. The collection highlights the principal themes of Hédi Bouraoui during his long career as poet, novelist, literary critic, and academic. It celebrates his vision of a plural identity, particularly Canadian, with all that implies about this world view of cultural diversity embodied by the Canadian Mosaic. A springboard to Peace, tolerance and global understanding of differences, Transculturalism promotes the building of bridges between and among the diverse cultures, religions, races composing Canada, and serves as an ideal model for the world we live in. This concept requires as well a free, experimental, flexible, dense expression, charged with symbols, which Bouraoui calls Transpoésie, or Transpoetics. In this book a range of international scholars and poets analyze the productivity over the last forty years of this writer whose texts are rooted in all parts of the world, from Africa to Europe, from North America to Asia…. Sometimes he disappears in order to empower with stony speech the pride of Toronto, the CN Tower, thus synthesizing a poetics of the future. His work invites diverse critical approaches whose symbolic and realistic readings offer a wide spectrum of responses aiming to promote the dialogue of cultures and identities in an increasingly crowded, exploding global village.

Volume 11 CoverSabiston, Elizabeth et Crosta, Suzanne (sous la direction de)
ISBN: 978-0-88667-070-2
$40.00 CAD


The conference “Disability: Definitions, Representations, Classifications” that took place at Laurentian University (February 6-7, 2012) provided a forum within which individual work was shared and wider conversations began. We are glad to present here a selection of papers delivered at this conference. The authors are focusing thematically on a series of concerns animating cutting-edge scholarly work in this emerging and growing interdisciplinary field. The book is divided into three sections where key issues in disability are explored: Theoretical Perspectives, Child Development, and Cultural Representations. Among the questions raised and discussed are the following ones: How do we define “disability” as an object of study and as a lived experience? What is the relationship between the category of disability and state classificatory policies, such as those governing classrooms, medical decisions, and support for families? How is disability represented in both popular culture and academic settings? We hope that this collective work will make a positive contribution in the way disabilities are usually seen, experienced and understood.

Volume 12 CoverMoira Ferguson and Alain Beaulieu (Eds.)
ISBN : 978-0-88667-083-2
$15.00 CAD


This volume brings together a collection of essays from Comprehensive examinations essays on interdisciplinarity in the PhD Program in Human Studies at Laurentian University. This examination consists of two components: a Major, which is related to the thesis subject, and a Minor, the focus of this volume, which is a study aimed at unraveling the concepts of monodisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity from an epistemological, theoretical and pragmatic standpoint as well as showing how the premise of the thesis is itself interdisciplinary.

Volume 13 CoverAli Reguigui (Ed.)
ISBN: 978-0-88667-084-9
$20.00 CAD


Languages and territories have an inherent and inextricable relationship because they have corollary peoples and groups that are naturally communicative and naturally rooted in the territories. The peoples and groups are formed beings complexes which are the product of history and that relationship to languages and territories of multi-dimensional relationships. It is therefore imperative that these tripartite relationships between languages, groups and territories are managed in a manner to ensure the maintenance of social peace and to meet the aspirations of all, because in the absence of this, civil society risk much. History, both former that recent peoples, full no examples where partisan intervention or even non-intervention have had adverse consequences on the situation or the fate of a group, on relations between the groups, disrupting lives, companies, countries and even regions.

Volume 14 CoverAli Reguigui and Julie Boissonneault (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-0-88667-085-6
$ 30.00 CAD


This book presents the city not as a static and restricted geographical area, but rather as a space-place of increasing effervescence due to the many languages - dialects that are in contact. It is in this broader perspective that articles that comprise this volume deal with issues related to language dynamics in the urban context, language practices in movement and issues of identity and representations. These permeable themes highlighting languages or facts and linguistic traits moving constantly from one territory to another, from one space to another, from one individual to another and thus, intersecting, interpreting one another, and influencing one another. The diversity of the corpuses which are the subject of the articles eloquently illustrate the diversity of the languages used by the speakers. By their languages and dialects, they vehicle recent and ancient history and produce metalinguistic and identity discourses.

Volume 15 CoverJulie Boissonneault and Ali Reguigui (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-0-88667-086-3
$ 30.00 CAD


Literature is surely a special site of encounter between language and territory, a particularly fertile discursive space where the sense of place is forged and even invented, where territory gathers not only shape but also historical and affective depth. If cartography can handle the topos or mappable place, literary space helps create the existential sense of place or chôra, to use the distinction drawn by the geographer-philosopher Agustin Berque. As Marc Brosseau suggests, it is often literature that invests a place with its multiple values and significance. And even though one may never have read such literature, a foreigner’s encounter with the culture emanating from a given landscape or territory or place, with its historico-literary sedimented accretions, will be indirectly informed by that place’s writers or will at least perceive the echo of their voices.

Volume 16 CoverNorman Cheadle, Julie Boissonneault and Ali Reguigui (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-0-88667-087-0
$ 20.00 CAD


The history of the human race is a history of migration. Migration South-North, East-West, voluntary, forced, across nations, cultures, religions, languages. In our time immigration has been increasingly problematized in the global village we inhabit.

This collection of thirty-three essays, originating in the bilingual international conference, “Pluri-Culture and Migrant Writings: An Interdisciplinary Approach,” held at York University, Toronto, in May 2012, focuses on a variety of discourses, both oral and written, in order to address key issues of migration. By highlighting the cultural baggage the immigrant brings with him, and the interaction it produces with the host country, we are able to analyze Pluri-Culture in all its manifestations, both “high” and popular. The aim of the book is to create cultural dialogue, a bridge between similarity and difference, which may mitigate the “clash of civilizations.” By utilizing the tools of both the humanities and the social sciences, we underline the ways in which humans create their own cultures, and thereby present a model of tolerance, understanding, peace, acceptance of difference in the context of cultural pluralism.

Volume 17 CoverElizabeth Sabiston and Robert Drummond (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-0-88667-088-7
$ 30.00 CAD

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We invite submissions (in English, French, or both) for publication in either of two formats : Monographs or Edited collections. The manuscript must be sent as an E-Mail attachment in a Word or WordPerfect for Windows format, and by mail as a hard copy. Images, tables, graphic, etc. must be in separate files. The manuscript must indicate the place in the text where the insertion of the object should happen, by indicating the name/number of the object. The manuscript undergoes a peer review process. Once the manuscript is accepted, the author or the editor will receive a letter informing him/her of the result of the peer review process. At that point, the author or the editor have to look for funds to cover the cost of the book production.


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