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Tom Johnston

Research Interests

I am a fish and fisheries ecologist with the Science and Research Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and my research informs and supports fisheries management in Ontario. I am also an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Laurentian University and my research program includes supervision and co-supervision of undergraduate and graduate research projects. My research laboratory is located in the Vale Living with Lakes Centre on the shores of Ramsey Lake.

Specifically, my research examines trophic and reproductive ecologies of fishes, and food web structure and contaminant dynamics in northern aquatic ecosystems. This research is primarily field-based, and covers a wide range of lakes and rivers from across northern Ontario. Current research projects in my lab are examining: i) variation in trophic niche positions and dimensions of fishes with respect to ecosystem conditions and community composition, ii) the relative effects of growth rate and food web position on variation in fish mercury bioaccumulation, iii) interaction of maternal effects and environmental factors in shaping fish reproductive success, and iv) assessment of fish biodiversity at the catchment scale in recovering waters of the historical acid deposition zone of northeastern Ontario.


Publications (last 6 years)

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