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International Student Scholarships

Up to $60,000 for academic achievement!

The key to choosing a university that’s right for you is finding a place that speaks to you – a place where you feel comfortable, receive the support you need and will set you on a path to success. Laurentian University is here to help you achieve your educational, career and personal goals by making education at a Canadian university the most accessible ever! Our scholarships recognize academic achievements and are awarded based on admission average.

High achieving international students may be eligible for the most generous scholarship program in Canada!

Your average

Academic Excellence Scholarships

90% to 100%* Up to $60,000 in scholarship awards

$15,000 in first year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained.

80% to 89.9%*  Up to $40,000 in scholarship awards

$10,000 in first year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained.


* Averages are calculated automatically based on equivalency-adjusted grade point average (GPA) using the World Education Services tables. A 7.5 GPA is equivalent to an 80% average.

- Scholarships are limited to students studying in open-enrolment undergraduate programs. Excluded program: Nursing.

- Students with a prior degree are not eligible for the Laurentian University International Academic Excellence Scholarships.

- Eligibility for renewal will be based on full-time status in previous academic year (30 credits of which 24 credits must have been taken in the Fall/Winter term, remaining 6 must be taken in the spring term)

NOTE: Scholarships are paid on a September to August cycle. Amounts will be pro-rated based on the number of credits per semester.

What are you waiting for?

Laurentian features award-winning programs, a multi-cultural learning atmosphere, and a breath-taking campus.

We have a proven track record in preparing graduates for a bright and rewarding future. Our graduates stand out in the workforce: 92% find a good job within six months of receiving their diplomas and earn among the highest salaries of any Ontario graduates. Laurentian University also has a long history of offering and resourcing vibrant programs and services in French. As the first bilingual university officially recognized under the French Language Services Act, we are proud champions of French culture and language. Take the time to reach out, learn more – and apply!

International Excellence Scholarships Details

This policy is designed to recognize and reward students with high academic achievement who are registered in a 100% course load in two semesters (fall/winter) in a first degree and pay International fees to Laurentian University.

Graduate Scholarships Details

  • Must be registered full time.
  • Masters are eligible for 2 years, Ph.D. are eligible for 4. 
  • Need a B+ average to qualify (75%) for new Masters students. 
  • Students will receive an email where they can fill out the application.

More details can be found on this page.

  • Masters students are eligible to $600 and Ph.D. students, $1,200. 
  • Travel funds are for the duration of the student’s program and do not renew annually. 
  • Dean’s Entrance Scholarship: A one-time, non-renewable award of $1,500 is available to master’s students entering their first year of study. Students with an average of over 90% will receive $3,000.
    Not available to MBA students.
    International students are eligible.
  • OGS: Applications must be completed one year in advance to their intended study start date. (ex. If a student plans to start in September 2020, they MUST complete an application in 2019.) Applications can be submitted even if the applicant has not yet applied or has officially accepted entrance into a program at LU. International students are eligible. 
  • Tri-Council (SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC): Same as OGS, applications must be completed one year before beginning studies. Available only to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. 
  • LU Internal Scholarships: A full list of scholarships (including application information and deadlines) is available through the Faculty of Graduate Studies.