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International Economic Policy Institute


The International Economic Policy Institute is a bilingual, non-partisan, non-profit policy Institute at Laurentian University, Ontario (Canada), which seeks to offer critical thinking on the most relevant economic and social policies in Canada and around the world. In particular, the institute’s mission is to explore themes related to macroeconomic policies, globalization and development issues, and income distribution and employment policies. Our overall concern is with the social and economic dignity of the human being and his/her role within the larger global community.

We believe that everyone has a right to decent work, to a fair and equitable income and to equal opportunities to pursue one’s self-fulfillment. We strongly believe that it is the role of policies and institutions to guarantee these rights.

In accordance with its mission, the Institute is constantly seeking to create international research networks by hosting conferences and seminars and inviting other thinkers around the globe to reflect on crucial economic and social issues. The Institute offers ongoing, honest, and critical appraisal of current policies.


Research Programs

  • Macroeconomic Policies
  • Globalization and Development
  • Income Distribution and Employment Policies


Louis-Philippe Rochon

Laurentian University


Resident Researchers

Mehdi Ben Guirat

Researcher, Laurentian University


Hassan Bougrine

Researcher, Laurentian University


Bruno Charbonneau

Researcher, Laurentian University


John Isbister

Senior Researcher, Laurentian University


Aurélie Lacassagne

Researcher, Laurentian University


David Leadbeater

Researcher, Laurentian University


Brian MacLean

Researcher, Laurentian University


Corinne Pastoret

Researcher, Laurentian University

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Macroeconomic Analysis: Competing Views (2009), edited by H. Bougrine and M. Seccareccia, E. Montgomery Publications, Toronto

Monetary Policy And Financial Stability A Post-Keynesian Agenda (2009), edited by C. Gnos and L.P. Rochon, Edward Elgar