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Jason-Scott Benoit

Secondary School Coordinator

Looking back, my university years were the best of my life. They didn’t start out that way though. To be honest, I struggled through my first two years and found myself at a crossroads. It was an academic advisor who provided guidance and support, and gave me the tools I needed to get back on track.

That academic advisor changed my life.

Overwhelmed with appreciation, I knew it was imperative to give back. Last year, I was in a position to do so, and The Positive Inception Award was established.

Inspired by my brother, Ryan Benoit, a bright young man with cerebral palsy, the Positive Inception Award is given to a grade 12 student entering his or her first year of studies at Laurentian who has a positive outlook on life and demonstrates leadership qualities both in school and throughout the community. The award is designed to acknowledge the recipient’s efforts and encourage them to continue achieving success.

The Positive Inception is a clothing company my brother started during his 3rd year of studies in the Sports Administration (SPAD) program at Laurentian. Ryan, who is now a graduate of the SPAD program, shares his story of perseverance via the brand to encourage people to stay positive and motivated in order to reach their goals. The clothing company is getting to be more popular with each passing day.

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