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Study in French

Undergraduate level

With 800 course sections offered in the French language each year, Laurentian University provides its students with specialisations, concentrations, majors and minors leading to 150 university degrees from the bachelor’s to the doctoral level in 43 disciplines. Six faculties are directly involved in offering French-language programs at Laurentian.

For the complte list of programs offered in french at the undergraduate level, click here.


Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies welcomes more than 600 students to the front lines of Laurentian University’s extensive research initiatives. Over the past years, the Faculty has nearly doubled the number of graduate programs offered. A total of eight master’s degrees and one doctorate are offered entirely in French and several English-language graduate programs give students the opportunity to take certain courses in French.

For the complete list of French-language graduate programs, click here.

The CPF (Council on French-Language Programs) makes recommendations to Senate regarding all educational issues associated with teaching in French. The CPF’s goal is to ensure that Laurentian has comprehensive programs to meet the needs of its student clientele and its community.  

According to the by-laws, the CPF shall:

  • receive comments and review recommendations submitted for approval by faculty councils regarding current French-language courses and programs;
  • accept motions for new programs/specializations/concentrations submitted by faculty councils and make appropriate recommendations to the Academic Planning Committee;
  • coordinate – as described in its mandate – changes brought to courses and programs and put forward in consultation with faculty councils, with consideration for the University’s Academic Plan;
  • collaborate with the relevant university constituents to strengthen and improve all aspects of the University’s Francophone community;
  • present recommendations to pertinent university officials to uphold favourable relationships with the external Francophone community and contribute to its development.

The CPF meets several times during the academic year.

New academic programs and courses are developed regularly and others are revised in an effort to ensure excellence and innovation in French-language programs at Laurentian University.