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The Foundry

Jim Fielding Innovation Space

The Foundry is here to enable our university innovators to ideate, create, and develop ideas that can go on to become startup companies or social enterprises. Our programming is built to promote experiential learning and foster collaborations. We offer various programs to promote the innovation and commercialization culture in Sudbury.

The Foundry invites speakers from the Laurentian community and industry to share their experiences and expertise in a wide variety of topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

This initiative brings industry experts into the Fielding innovation space to interact with students, faculty and other community members face-to-face. This provides the opportunity for networking and possible collaborations.

These courses are designed to be a short introduction to concepts related to innovation and entrepreneurship. These can range from designing prototypes and operating equipment to how to build business models and market your brand.

The Foundry has hosted workshops, seminars and speakers both internally and externally. We have a beautiful venue that can be modified to suit everyone's needs.