Yovita Gwekwerere

Yovita Gwekwerere

Associate Professor

School of Education
SE 303C, Education Building Sudbury Campus


Dr. Yovita Gwekwerere teaches Primary Junior and Junior Intermediate Science and Technology courses. She has also taught the Introduction to Teaching and Learning and the Intermediate General Science teachable courses. She is passionate about teaching Science and is dedicated to preparing future teachers who have an understanding of Science and its application to technology and the environment. Dr. Gwekwerere also holds a cross-appointment in the School of the Environment and she teaches Environmental Education and Introduction to Environmental Studies courses.


  • PhD. Michigan State University, USA
  • PGCE. University of Zimbabwe
  • MSc. Imperial College of Science, technology and Medicine, University of London, United Kingdom
  • BSc. Hons, University of Zimbabwe

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, School of Education


Science teaching and learning through inquiry; Environmental knowledge and youth participation; High school to university transition in the science disciplines. Education for Sustainable Development.

I am currently working on an international research project focusing on strengthening capacities for environmental sustainability and education for sustainable development in Southern Africa.

I am also working on a  research study that is investigating middle school and high school students' understandings of science, scientists and how scientists do their work. I am working with a group of international researchers to see if there are changes in understanding of science inquiry as students progress through secondary school.


  • 2017: Recognized as one of the Top 5 Research and Innovation Achievements of 2016 
  • 2000: Fulbright Fellowship


EDUC 4157 Science and Technology Methods Primary Junior

EDUC 4262 Science and Technology Methods Junior Intermediate

ENVI1507 Introduction to Environmental Studies

ENVI 1507 Environmental Education

EDUC 4095 Primary/Junior Field Supervision

EDUC 4195 Junior /Intermediate Field Supervision

EDUC 1016 Introduction to Teaching and Learning


Books Edited

  • Karrow, D., Elliot, P., Guisseppi, M., Gwekwerere, Y. & Inwood, H. (Eds.). (2016). Canadian Perspectives on Initial Teacher Environmental Education Praxis, Fall 2016. Cate Polygraph Book Series. DOI: http://cate-acfe.ca/polygraph-book-series/

Book Chapters

  • Gwekwerere, Y. (2016). Environmental Literacy for all: Innovating Environmental Education for Initial Teacher Education Majors and Non-Education Majors. In: D. Karrow, P. Elliot, M. Guisseppi, P, Y. Gwekwerere and H Inwood (Eds.). Canadian Perspectives on Initial Teacher Environmental Education Praxis. Cate Polygraph Series. DOIhttp://cate-acfe.ca/polygraph-book-series/
  • Gwekwerere, Y. (2016). Schooling and the African Child: Bridging African Epistemiology and Eurocentric Physical Science. In G. Emeagwali and E. Shizha (Eds.). African Indigenous Knowledge and the Sciences: Journeys into the Past and Present. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. DOI: https://www.sensepublishers.com/media/2759-african-indigenous-knowledge-and-the-sciences.pdf.
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Manuscripts in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Danyluk, P., Luhanga, F., Gwekwerere, Y., MacEwan, L. & Laroque, S. (2015). Failure to fail in a final pre-service teaching practicum. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 6 (3) Article 5, 1-14. DOI: http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1214&context=cjsotl_rcacea
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Book Reviews

  • Gwekwerere, Y. (2014). Cultural and Pedagogical Inquiry 6(2) 38-41. A review of Bridging Culture, Indigenous and Scientific Ways of Knowing by Glen Aikenhead & Herman Michell (2011). Don Mills ON: Pearson. 196 pp. ISBN: 978-0-132-10557-6

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  • Gwekwerere, Y. (2013). Professionally Speaking : The Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers. March 2013 p. 59. A review of ‘How? The most awesome question and answer book about nature, animals, people, places and – you! By Catherine Ripley.

Project Reports

  • Gwekwerere, Y. & Cractchick K. (2012). It’s the Method that Counts: Using Case Studies and Problem-Based Learning to Teach Science and Other Disciplines. (A KNAER Report submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Education). DOI: http://www.knaer-recrae.ca/toolkit/it-s-the-method-that-counts-using-case-studies-and-problem-based-learning-to-teach-science-and-other-disciplines   
  • Gallagher, J.J., Gwekwerere, Y. & Ashmann, S. A., (2006). A Study of Science Education Doctoral Programs in the United States. (National Science Foundation Report).