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Stephanie Czapor

Stephanie Czapor

Associate Professor

Bharti School of Engineering and Computation
Science, Engineering and Architecture
FA-378, Fraser Auditorium Sudbury Campus


My early interest was in differential geometry and general relativity, leading to results in exact solution theory. The demanding nature of this field also revealed the value of symbolic algebraic computing in higher mathematics. As a result, I pursued further graduate work (as part of the Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Waterloo) involving the use of Groebner bases for polynomial ideals in solving systems of algebraic equations. My subsequent research has bridged the two areas, applying techniques of symbolic computing to long-standing and difficult problems of Applied Mathematics such as those due to H. Brinkman and to J. Hadamard.


  • B. Math., University of Waterloo
  • M. Math., University of Waterloo
  • Ph.D., University of Waterloo


My current research focuses on Hadamard's problem of diffusion of waves for second order, linear, homogeneous, partial differential equations of normal hyperbolic type in 4 independent variables. More specifically, we seek to determine the spaces and associated equations for which the principle of C. Huygens (from his famous Treatise on Light) holds.


  • E.T. Davies Prize for Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo
  • Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University