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Reeshma Haji

Reeshma Haji

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology


  • Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto
  • Master of Arts, York University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, York University


My primary research area is intergroup relations of different religious, cultural, or gender groups, with a particular focus on interventions aimed at decreasing prejudice. I am also interested in media representations of diverse groups and media-based interventions aimed at improving attitudes toward stigmatized groups. Other specific areas of research interest include: indirect intergroup contact, dimensions of religiosity, intergroup intimate relationships, religious identity, cultural identity, and gender identity. A secondary research area of mine is online social behaviour. 


  • Teaching Appreciation Award (Centre for Academic Excellence)
  • Laurentian University Research Fund (LURF) Research Grants & Publication Grant


Research Design and Analysis


Social Psychology

Psychology of Intergroup Relations

Major Paper in Psychology

Supervision of research practica, honours theses, and graduate theses in Psychology


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Haji, R., McKeown, S., Matthews, A., & Platten, S. (2020). (De)humanization and (dis)trust: Representations of Muslims in UK newspapers following the 7/7 London Bombings. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology. Advance online publication.

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