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Paul Valliant

Paul Valliant

A-229, Arts Building


My HBA degree in psychology was completed at Laurentian University in 1974.  I decided to undertake my M.A. degree at Lakehead University because of their renowned faculty members.  After completing my degree in 1976 at Lakehead, I commenced my Ph.D. at the University of Windsor. Having a strong background from two excellent Northern Ontario Universities easily allowed me to complete my PhD in 1978. I commenced teaching at St. Mary's Univeristy in Halifax on a sabbatical replacement position. Then I relocated to Bishops University for a one-year contractual position. I learned of a Forensic Psychology Position opening at the North Bay Psychiatric Hospital and accepted employment in 1980. While at this institution I assisted in developing the Forensic Evaluation Unit. In 1981, I was asked to apply for a position at Laurentian University. This contract involved teaching, research, and working part-time as a Clinical Psychologist at Cecil Facer School. When my contract with Cecil Facer ended, I accepted full time employment in the Psychology department at Laurentian. My research specialties include Aging, Forensic Issues, and Sports Psychology.


  • HBA - Laurentian 1974
  • MA- Lakehead - 1976
  • Ph.D. Windsor - 1978

Academic Appointments

Full Professor 

·        Accredited to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the following programs:

  •  Multidisciplinary Health
  •  Applied Psychology

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  • 2014: Eric Hoffer Literary Book Award for Health. Life after 50: Road to Longevity


PSYC 4206 Adolescent and Adult Clinical Psychology

PSYC 4026 Forensic Psychology

PSYC 5406 Ethics

PSYC 1105 Introduction to Psychology


These can be found on

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  • Valliant, P.M. (2016).  NanoRewired.  Tellwell Publishers.

  • Valliant, P.M. (2015).  Copula Deception.  Mill City Press.

  • Valliant, P.M. (2012). Life After 50: The Road to Longevity. Mill City Press

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