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Line Tremblay

Line Tremblay

Full Professor

School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences




  • Dr. Line Tremblay, is a registered clinical psychologist, a full professor at Laurentian University, and a full professor in Clinical Sciences Division at Northern Ontario School of Medicine.  Her training at the University of Montreal is in developmental psychopathology. She is particularly interested in studying the links between physical characteristics and their correlates with other psychological variables. Her research experiences have led her to gain expertise in children and adolescent obesity, disordered eating, physical activity, psychomotor skills, and body image attitude and perception using different methods including longitudinal, experimental, and correlational research designs. She is the co-founder of the Human Movement and Perception Virtual Reality Laboratory where she is currently conducting applied health research. 



  • Ph.D., University of Montreal (2002)
  • C.Psych, College of Psychologists of Ontario (2006)
  • Masters level in clinical community psychology (1995)
  • B.Sc in psychology (1994)

Academic Appointments

Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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2006            C.Psych, College of Psychologists of Ontario

2002            Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Montreal, Montreal.

1995           Masters level in clinical Community Psychology, University of Quebec in Montreal, Montreal, Quebec.

1994           B.Sc., Psychology, University of Quebec in Montreal, Montreal, Quebec


Anatomy and Kinesiology, Stress Management, Social Psychology, Research Method and Statistics, Psychology of Motivation, Psychology of Emotion (French and English), Introduction to Psychology, Learning, Human Development, Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Treatment; Theory and Practice.


Selected publications . 

Tremblay, L., & Lariviere, M., (2019). Predictors of Puberty Onset. In Stephen Hupp and Jeremy Jewell (Eds), The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development- Biology, Neurology, and Cognition in Adolescence Physical and Sexual Development. Wiley-Blackwell. Print ISBN: 9781119161899;| Online ISBN: 9781119171492;| DOI: 10.1002/9781119171492

Rajendran, V., Jeevanantham, D., McGillis, Z., Tremblay, L., Larivière, C., & Knight, A., (in press, 2020). Mobilization and Exercise Intervention for Patients with Multiple Myeloma: Clinical Practice Guidelines Endorsed by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Physical Therapy Journal. 

Tremblay, L., Kosmerly, S., & Lariviere, C., (2019). Exercise Addiction, Muscle and Weight Satisfaction, and Disordered Eating, as Predictors of Overtraining in Male Bodybuilders. International Journal of Health Wellness and Society, 10(2), 1-18. DOI:10.18848/2156-8960/cgp/v10i02/1-18

Rajendran, V., Jeevanantham,D., Tremblay, L., Larivière, C. and Knight, A., (2018). Evidence-based guidelines for physiotherapy management of patients with multiple myeloma: study protocol. Systematic Reviews, 7, 118. DOI: 10.1186/s13643-018-0785-7

Tremblay, L., Roy-Vaillancourt, M., Chebbi, B., Bouchard, S., Dénommée, J., & Thorpe, M., (2016). Body Image and Anti-Fat Attitudes: An Experimental Study Using a Haptic Virtual Reality Environment to Replicate Human Touch. Submitted to the Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking Journal.

Tremblay, L., Thorpe, M., Daoust, M., Larivière,C.,  Chebbi, B., and Theriault, V., (2016). Description and Features of a New Computerized Gross Motor Skills Measurement, submitted to Journal of Technologies and Human Usability, 12(3), 31-49.

Garg, R., Levin, E., & Tremblay, L., (2016). Emotional Intelligence: Impact on post-secondary academic achievment. Social Psychology of Education. online version DOI. 10.1007/s11218-016-9338-x

Tremblay, L., Chebbi, B., Bouchard, S., Cimon-Lambert, K., & Carmicael, J., (2014). Learning Disabilities and Visual-Motor Skills; Comparing Assessment from a Hapto-Virtual Reality Tool and Bender-Gestalt Test. Virtual Reality Journal: SI: Cyberintervention, 18, 49-60. DOI: 10.1007/s10055-014-0242-4.

Cimon-Lambert, K., Tremblay, L., Coté, D., Larivière, M., & Kosmerly, S., (2014). Perceptions, attitudes et connaissances des mères d’enfant d’âge préscolaire au sujet de  l’alimentation, de la santé, de l’obésité et de l’activité physique; une approche qualitative [The Perceptions, Attitudes and knowledge of Mothers of Preschool Children Regarding Eating, Health, Obesity, and Physical Activity : A Qualitative Approach]. Cahiers Internationaux de Psychologie Sociale, 10, 317-335. 

Tremblay, L., Chebbi, B., Bouchard, S., Wei, L., Monthuy-Blanc, J., & Boulanger, D., (2013). The development of a haptic virtual relity environment to study body image and affect. In B.K. Wiederhold and G.Riva (Eds), Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, IOS Press, (pp.80-84). DOI: 10.3233/978-61499-282-0-80