Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan

Director | Assistant Professor

Midwifery Education Program
07-4, Portables Sudbury Campus


I am an Assistant Professor in the Midwifery Education Program and am currently pursuing a PhD through the School of Rural and Northern Health.


  • B.Sc. Food Science - University of Alberta
  • B.H.Sc. Midwifery - McMaster University
  • M.A. Midwifery Practice - Thames Valley University London England

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor 2015


The focus of my PhD research is an examination of the perceptions of women in northern Ontario about their reproductive health care. This a mixed methods study consisting of an anonymous survey followed by in-depth interviews. I am currently preparing my results for publication.


  • Teaching

    MIDW 3425

    MIDW 3056

    MIDW 4004

    MIDW 4024


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