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Jordan Babando

Jordan Babando

Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
School of Social Sciences
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Dr. Jordan Babando completed his Ph.D. in sociology at Queen’s University, specifically focusing on social psychology, emotions, healthcare systems, and medical interactions. He is currently an assistant professor in sociology/criminology at Laurentian University. Jordan has a vast range of research experience and interests, although he has recently engaged in research at the intersection of homelessness and health. Jordan’s passion for homelessness research was developed in his previous postdoctoral role with the Kelowna Homelessness Research Collaborative at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan. During that time, Jordan collaborated with organizations and frontline workers to develop and undertake research that addressed immediate community homelessness needs concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to homelessness, he is researching psychopathy, addiction and mental health services and response, and serial killers. Jordan is a mixed-methodologist and has extensive experience conducting scoping and systematic reviews.


PhD Sociology - Queen's University

M.A. Sociology - Laurentian University

B.A. (Honours/Cum laude) - Laurentian University

CTF Labour Studies - Laurentian University


Past and current research undertakings include disability research in the Canadian Arctic, the pandemic response to homelessness, mental health and addiction services and response, psychopathy, spirituality in social work, emotions in healthcare, and serial killers.


2022 - Arctic Net Research Grant

2020 - Making the Shift Research Grant

2013 - Outstanding Graduating Student Award from Canadian Sociological Association

2013 - Award for Academic Excellence - Laurentian University

2013 - Best in Panel Award - 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at Nipissing University


Fall 2023

SOCI-2067 EL: Institutions of the Criminal Justice System

SOCI-2826 EL: Crime and Media

SOCI-3126 EL: Qualitative methods

Winter 2024

SOCI-1015 EL12 - Understanding Society (Online)


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McCristall, P. & Babando, J. (2023). Gendered Challenges within the Canadian Military: An Exploratory Study of Female Veteran Lived Experiences. Asia-Pacific Journal of Canadian Studies, 29(2): 127-144

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Levesque, J., Babando, J., Loranger, N., Johnson, S., & Pugh, D. (2022). COVID-19 prevalence and infection control measures at homeless shelters and hostels in high-income countries: a scoping review. BMC: Systematic reviews, 11(1), 1-20.

Babando, J., Quesnel, D., Woodmass, K., Lomness, A. & Graham, J. (2022). Responding to Pandemics and Other Disease Outbreaks in Homeless Populations: A Review of the Literature and Content Analysis. Journal of Health and Social Care in the Community. doi/10.1111/hsc.13380.

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