Jorge Virchez

Jorge Virchez

Full Professor

School of Northern and Community Studies
P-330B, R.D. Parker Building Sudbury Campus


I have been working at Laurentian University since 1991, I teach in the Geography Program which is part of the School of Northern Development, in both official languages, English and French. Most of my classes are in Regional Studies (The Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa) as well as the Sub-Arctic.  My research: I am working in the Postcolonial healing landscapes and mental health in remote indigenous communities in the subarctic in Ontario. Canada. Canadian Studies in the Americas and Europe.

For the past seven years I have been working on a project on poverty and homelessness and migration in Sudbury, as well as in Northern Ontario and in Latin America. 

I also work closely with the Canadian studies centers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay.

My involvement in the community as a member of the Board of Junction Creek Stewarship, The Good Food Box and the World University Service of Canada of Sudbury has been very fulfilling.



M.Sc (Laval)

Ph. D  (Laval)


  • The poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Canadian Studies
  • Latin American Studies               
  • Asian Studies
  • Environmental remediation
  • Arctic


  • Teaching

    GEOG 1027F Introduction à la géographie humaine

    GEOG 2246F Géographie du Canada

    GEOG 3606E Geography of the European Union

    GEOG 3826E Brazil and South America

    GEOG 4995 Directed Studies


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