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Darrel  Long

Darrel Long 

Full Professor

Earth Sciences

Science, Engineering and Architecture


B-5043, Willet Green Miller Centre 

Sudbury Campus


705.675.1151 ext 2268705.675.1151 ext 2268

705.675.1151 ext


Dr Long worked at GSC/ISPG Calgary before arriving at Laurentian in 1981. He has worked extensively on problems in applied sedimentology of coal, carbonates, clastics, placer gold and diamonds, uranium and industrial minerals, as well as regional tectonics and basin analysis.


  • B.Sc (hons) Geology, Leicester University, UK.
  • M.Sc. Geology, University of Western Ontario, ON,
  • Ph.D. Geology, University of Western Ontario, ON,

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Precambrian and Phanerozoic clastic and carbonate sedimentology, architecture and basin analysis.


  • 2011 Douglas Medal, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists