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Equity, Diversity and Human Rights

Equity, Diversity and Human Rights

An IDEAL community where Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility are respected and embraced at Laurentian. 


The mandate of the Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Office (EDHRO) is to lead the University community in fostering an inclusive and respectful learning and working environment for all students, staff and faculty by providing expertise, guidance, advice and counsel to members of the University community in order to ensure compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), the Ontario Human Rights Code (Code) and Laurentian University’s Policy on a Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment, Policy on Employment Equity and any other related policies.

About Our Services 

The Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Office (EDHRO) is a resource for all members of the Laurentian University community, including students, staff, and faculty.  We assist with matters of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual violence and bullying.  We do not advocate for either party in a dispute, but take an impartial and objective approach towards resolving matters between parties.

The key functions of EDHRO are:

  • Assist individuals with complaints of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence and bullying to understand the range of options available for responding, and help them to pursue a resolution,
  • Provide information and training to the community to increase awareness about the importance of promoting a respectful workplace and learning environment,
  • Administer the Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment Policy and Program on campus, and
  • Administer the Policy on Response and Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence.

The EDHRO can assist you with a wide variety of individual concerns, including:

  • Sexual harassment, date/acquaintance rape, sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence,
  • Harassment and/or discrimination based on human rights grounds (race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, gender expression, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status and disability),
  • General harassment and/or bullying,
  • Workplace harassment, Workplace sexual harassment, and
  • Online/cyber harassment via chats, email, websites, and texts.

We will work with you to decide on an approach to a resolution of your concern that works for you, often making use of alternative dispute resolution techniques that allow the parties to rebuild their relationship in a more positive, respectful way.

We keep all personal information received private and confidential as per applicable laws. Contact with EDHRO is a confidential service

Policies and Procedures

Laurentian University is committed to promoting a respectful, diverse and inclusive community and for ensuring that every person in its community is protected from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual violence and/or bullying. To this end, a tetralogy of Policies was created to support a positive and welcoming working and learning environment that respects the inherent dignity and worth of each Laurentian University community member.

The Policies are meant to be read together and are as follows:

  • Policy/Program on a Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment

  • Policy on Response and Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

  • Policy on Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Code of Student Conduct

To view a copy of these policies please use the following link.

Resources and Training

The Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Office offers a variety of training opportunities and partners with the department of Human Resources and Organizational Development as well as Student Life to provide relevant and timely educational programming.

If you would like to know more or request a training session, please contact our office by phone 705-675-1151 x 3427 or by email

Annual Reports

2014/15 (PDF)
2015/16 (PDF)
2016/17 (PDF)

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