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Sport Psychology Internship

This course involves practical experience with an outside agency, institution or organization involved with competitive sport. The student works under the direction of a faculty advisor and under the immediate supervision of an experienced coach or program director to provide mental training to selected athletes. The course requires a minimum of 40 hours of consulting contact in addition to the preparation, evaluation, and feedback required in such practical work. Bimonthly meetings with the faculty advisor are required. At the end of the internship the student must submit a report outlining the work done, analyzing the experience, and making recommendations for future training. This report must be submitted both to the faculty advisor and the external supervisor. PREREQ: PHED 4216 (minimum 60%) and PHED 3406. Student must have current certificates in CPR and First Aid and a recent Police Check (exp 3) cr 3. Restricted to Sport Psychology students.

Kinesiology and Health Science