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Kinesiology Internship I

This course will provide practical experience and study in an outside agency, institution or organization related to the field of kinesiology. The student works under the direction of a faculty advisor and the immediate supervision of an accredited practitioner in the field. This internship is normally done in the field of rehabilitation or gerontology and requires a min. 360 hours of practical work as well as bimonthly meetings with the faculty supervisor. Students will have a choice of internship placements however all placements and supervising mentors must be approved by the internship coordinator. At the end of the internship, the student must submit a report (orally and in writing) to the university and to the agency where the work was completed, which analyses the experiences. PREREQ: completion of first 3 years of Kinesiology or equiv. academic background. (exp 9) cr 9

Kinesiology and Health Science