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Advanced Igneous Petrology

This course examines advanced and unconventional topics related to igneous processes. The origin of the elements in the universe and the solar system is used as the starting point to the understanding of the composition of the Earth and the distribution of trace elements in it. The processes of core-mantle differentiation and the structure and mineralogy of the Earth's mantle will be used as a framework to understand the distribution and composition of mantle reservoirs and how they affect the chemical and isotopic composition of major magmas types. The genesis of exotic and rare magmas such as komatites, carbonatites and kimberlites is explored in detail. In addition, students are required to read, discuss and evaluate current and seminal papers. This will expose them to new developments in the field and will enhance their critical thinking skills. The laboratory component includes problem sets that use mineralogical, geochemical and thermodynamic data to determine intensive parameters such as pressure and temperature of crystallization of igneous rocks. PREREQ: GEOL 3206. (lec 3, sem) cr 3.

Earth Sciences