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Educational Psychology/Special Education

B.Ed. students will study the impact of significant psychological theories on teaching and learning in the classroom. They will investigate topics such as human development, cognition, learning theory, motivation and psychological and educational assessment. The special education component will enable teacher candidates to develop competence and confidence in dealing with pupils in the regular classroom who have special needs. To this end, they will examine special education services in Ontario, types of exceptionalities, the process used for identifying and placing students with exceptionalities in programs (IPRC) and the preparation of individual education plans (IEPs). They will become aware of the Ontario Ministry of Education policy requiring boards of education to set up Special Education Advisory Committees and to file board plans annually delineating the special education program and special education services available to its exceptional pupils. They will consider ways of providing an inclusive classroom environment and investigate classroom management strategies that have proven helpful with special needs students. They will examine Ontario College of Teachers' documents on Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession to ascertain professional expectations for the equitable and respectful treatment of all students. cr 3