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Instrumental Techniques

The course presents the principles and components of modern instruments currently used in chemical, biological, biochemical and environmental sciences, including forensic and pharmaceutical sciences to measure and characterize elements, ions, small and large molecules and compounds. It covers the main divisions of instrumental anyalysis based on: 1) separation techniques such as gas, liquid and supercritical chromatography, electrophoresis, gel permeation/filtration; 2) spectroscopy, spectrometry and optical phenomena such as ultra-violet, visible, infra-red, luminescence and fluorescence techniques, atomic spectrometry, surface plasmon resonance, X-ray techniques, radioactivity measurements, mass spectrometry; and 3) electrochemical methods based on potentiometry, voltammetry and biosensors. The interfacing of instruments (hyphenated techniques) is also covered and numerous applications are presented. PREREQ: CHMI 2117. (lec 3, lab 3) cr 3.

School of Natural Sciences