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Tracy MacLeod

Laurentian Legacy Spotlight


I am writing today as a proud Laurentian Arts graduate, and guest columnist, hoping to inspire others to share their stories, and fond memories, as we celebrate Laurentian University’s 60th anniversary. I started working in Laurentian’s Advancement Office when I was a student in the 90’s. My first job was calling alumni, updating them on the exciting things happening at Laurentian and asking them to invest in current and future students! I had no idea that that job, the experiences I gained over the next three years, and the wonderful mentors I had would lead me to an extremely fulfilling career in Educational Advancement. I have Laurentian University to thank for giving me my start! I left Sudbury to work at two other Universities, and have been back at Laurentian for 16 years now! The changes and growth I have seen at my alma mater are incredible. Every day I have the pleasure of speaking with alumni who have been positively impacted by their education and experiences at Laurentian. I feel very fortunate to be a bridge between the academy and individuals who see the value Laurentian grads provides to the world. Facilitating those connections, and creating space to make magic happen, is what I am doing to help make a positive difference in the world. As we celebrate Laurentian’s 60th anniversary, I reflect on all of the people I have met and have had the pleasure of working with! Thank you for the memories we have shared and for being a part of the University’s incredible story. Celebrating Laurentian is celebrating you – those of us who have been a part of the first 60 years. Tracy MacLeod, BA’95, Certified Fundraising Executive, Laurentian University’s Chief Advancement Officer and is a very proud Northerner.