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Mario Grossi and Technica Mining

Alumni Spotlight


A team of individuals Sudbury, Ontario has been a global mining hub and leader for years. Technica Mining, a contracting company led by Mario Grossi, President and CEO, provides services including but not limited to engineering design, construction, maintenance, and production, all in an underground capacity. After completing his Commerce degree at Laurentian University, Mario founded Technica Mining in 1999, providing premiere services to top-tier, mid-tier and junior mining companies for 20 years.

Technica Mining is proud to be a family- and people-based organization with a tight-knit, community feel. Technica employs over 500 people, with many employees being Laurentian University graduates. Graduates of Laurentian are often immersed in the mining industry during their studies, providing them with a strong learning environment in preparation for future work in mining. 

It takes a team of individuals from different backgrounds to complete a project – graduates from Laurentian’s Engineering, Earth Sciences and Business programs all play key roles in the projects they take on. Technica Mining also provides work opportunities for students currently studying at Laurentian University. A vibrant and fast-paced workplace, Technica Mining provides opportunities for continued education every day.

A typical work day for Mario consists of meetings and conversations – both within the organization, and with external groups. Mario credits his strong management team for their effective oversight of Technica’s day-to-day operations. At Technica, new opportunities and challenges present themselves every day, and every day is exciting!

When asked for a piece of advice to young people entering the workforce, Mario replies, “Park your ego at the door. Whether you are 22 years old or 60 years old, you make the strongest and most meaningful contribution by always keeping the best interests of the company in mind.”


Technica Mining employs several Laurentian University graduates

Back row (left to right): Callan Klimtschuck, Mining Engineering graduate; Brady Reilly, Mining Engineering graduate; Michael Fabiilli, Mining Engineering graduate; Jonathon Pambianco, Mining Engineering graduate; Mark Croteau, Geology graduate; Pierre Geoffroy, Mining Engineering graduate; Jordan Faggioni, Commerce graduate.

Front row (left to right): Derek Laurikainen, Mining Engineering graduate; Joseph Santi, Commerce graduate; Matthew Marcuccio, Commerce graduate; Mario Grossi, Commerce graduate.