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Defer Your Offer of Admission

About Deferrals

If you are unable to attend Laurentian University for the term specified in your offer letter, you can request a deferral for the next available term.


Important Information :

  • Deferrals are not guaranteed for graduate and some undergraduate programs. They are at the discretion of the academic unit.
  • Deferral requests can be approved for up to two academic semesters.



To qualify for a deferral one must have:

  • accepted their offer;
  • met all conditions on the original offer letter (see page two of your offer);
  • paid the $2000 admissions deposit.*

*International students only. If you plan to reapply for another study permit and/or plan to defer your admission to an alternate intake, your tuition deposit must remain on your account. The credit balance on your account will be applied to the intake you can attend.


Deferral Request Deadline

You must apply for a deferral no later than the registration deadline.


Information Required in Your Deferral Request

To request a deferral, you must email the Office of Admissions and include:

  • Your name
  • Your student number
  • The term in which you wish to be deferred 

Note: Only one deferral per applicant will be considered.