Courses Offered On Campus

Updated as of July 21, 2020

The following courses will have an on campus component. Please contact the relevant Department or School for additional details.


Faculty of Arts

MUSC 0116E, MUSC 0117E, MUSC 0216E, MUSC 0217E, MUSC 1115E, MUSC 1401E, MUSC 1406E, MUSC 1455E, MUSC 1671E, MUSC 2115E, MUSC 2406E, MUSC 2455E, MUSC 2506E, MUSC 2671E, MUSC 3406E, MUSC 3455E, MUSC 3671E, MUSC 4406E, MUSC 4407E, MUSC 4455E, MUSC 4671E


Faculty of Education

No courses offered on campus. 


Faculty of Health

NURS 2074 E: Nursing Practice Re-entry Lab will have an in-person component. 

PHED 2109 E, PHED 2149 E, PHED 2159 E, PHED 3029 E, PHED 4009 E, PHED 4079 E, PHED 4116 E, PHED 4149E: various outdoor courses will have in-person components. 

SCIN 2044 F: Continuation of course not fully completed in Winter 2020. 

SCIN 1557 F, SCIN 2546 F, SCIN 2555 F, SCIN 2566 F, SCIN 3506 F, SCIN 3556 F, SCIN 4626 F 


Faculty of Management

No courses offered on campus. 


Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture 

BIOL 4035 E and 4035 F: Voluntary data collection activities for those that can be on campus. The rest of the course will be delivered remotely.

CHMI 4615 E and 4665 F: The research portion of the course will be done on campus. The “Seminar” portion of the course will be given online.

ENGR 4595 E: On campus work may occur in the winter term, if such activity becomes possible. 

FORS 2106 E, FORS 3036 E, FORS 4107 E and FORS 4136 E: Only the lab component will be done on campus. Lectures will be delivered remotely. Students who do not wish to return for in-person laboratory instruction will have access to the laboratory instruction in subsequent years of their degree program without penalty. 

GEOL 2006 E, GEOL 3006 E, GEOL 4026 E: the spring and summer Field Geology courses will have an in-person component. 

PHYS 2137 E: Voluntary: two on-campus sessions for those who would like to attend.


Faculty of Graduate Studies

GEOL 5326 E: Summer 2020

Consult your program coordinator with respect to research or thesis requirements. 




NURS 5326 Monday, October 19th, 2020 and Thursday, December 10th, 2020

NURS/SCIN 5356 Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

NURS/SCIN 5306 Monday, December 14th, 2020