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Mask Use Guidelines

Masks Guidelines

Wearing a mask remains an important way to protect yourself and others. Face coverings (medical mask, KN95 or N95) have been proven to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission when physically distance cannot be maintained.

We strongly recommend that everyone continue to wear a mask when indoors if you are not able to maintain a 2m distance from others. Furthermore, mask wearing is highly recommended in the library, study rooms, and corridors if others are gathered. 

Individuals recovering from COVID-19, who have recently had symptoms of the virus or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 are also required to wear a mask in accordance with guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health.

Mask Requirements

No, effective December 22, 2022 masks will be not be required in all indoor instructional spaces on the Laurentian campus (classrooms; labs; studios), but we strongly recommend you continue to wear a mask when 2m distance cannot be maintained from others. 

Yes, you can ask  others to wear a mask in your office.  If a guest (student, colleague) does not wish to wear a mask you can offer to schedule a zoom meeting or suggest you meet in a larger well ventilated room or outside where 2m distance can be maintained.

The university has purchased a disposable masks, face shields.  Individuals can pick up masks at building entrances as well as from the Liaison office or Library..  Individuals can also contact the Office of Occupational Health and Safety to determine the supplies required for the area.

Wearing a mask is strongly encouraged in other indoor spaces on campus where a 2m distance is not able to be maintained from others.