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Payment Methods and Due Dates

Internet Banking

Paying your fees online is the easiest and fastest way to take care of your tuition bill. You can pay your fees online if you bank with one of the following institutions:

Banks URL
Bank of Montreal
Caisse Desjardins
National Bank
Royal Bank
Toronto Dominion

To pay online, follow these simple instructions:

  • Sign up with your bank for online or telephone banking by calling your local bank. Your bank will give you instructions on how to log-in and access your accounts online.
  • Click on Add a Payee/Bill and type LAURENTIAN in the Bill Payment Company field
  • Select Education in the Category field
  • Select Ontario in the Province field
  • Select Laurentian University in the Payee field
  • Enter your 7 digit student number as the account number (0 followed by your 6 digit student ID)
  • Once you have added Laurentian as a payee, click on Pay this payee
  • You should now be able to pay your tuition online. Internet payments are usually credited to student accounts within 4 working days of the transaction.

*Band sponsored student

If you are a Band sponsored student/Funded student, please submit a sponsorship letter to the Fees Office.


Interac® Card

Ensure that your daily purchase limit is sufficient to cover your payment.


Scholarship and Bursaries

When students qualify for an award from Laurentian University, the amount of the award will be applied to reduce second term fees. They receive confirmation of their eligibility for awards by early August. Students receiving an award from a source other than the University must provide proof of this award (i.e. letter of confirmation) to the Student Fees Office.



Students who are sponsored by an agency must provide written confirmation (ex. EI, Band, other). A copy of the sponsorship letter must be provided to the Students Fees Office by the third week of August. The letter can be faxed to the Fees Office marked attention Sponsor Clerk at (705) 675-4865.


Third-Party Service Provider 

Plastiq is a third-party service provider which allows you to use your credit card to pay for tuition and residence fees. On your behalf, Plastiq will send payments and remittance details online to Laurentian University. Ensure you indicate your seven digit student number when processing payment. Once you approve the payment, you will see two transaction lines on your credit card statement for the payment. The first is to Laurentian University for the balance of fees paid, and the second is to Plastiq for the related transaction platform fee.


Flywire *preferred payment method for international students

Flywire offers a simple and reliable payment solution for international students coming to study in Canada. You can book your payment online for 72 hours to secure the best exchange rate possible without any additional fees. At Flywire, we are dedicated to offer excellent customer service. We notify you once your funds have been received in Canada and delivered to Laurentian University. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email at anytime–we’re here to help you!



If you have instructed OSAP to pay your tuition directly to Laurentian University, the Ministry will automatically pay on your behalf your first instalment of fees and Laurentian University residence fees (if applicable), or the amount available from your first OSAP disbursement if it is less than the first instalment.  It is your responsibility to pay any balance owing if there is not enough OSAP being issued to cover the full first instalment.  If you have instructed OSAP that you do not want the fees to be paid on your behalf you must ensure that payment of the full first instalment is received by the third week of August.


Age Exemption (60 Years of Age or Over)

Laurentian University waives tuition fees for Canadian citizens sixty years of age and over who enroll in university credit courses. Those students are, however, responsible for all incidentals fees (graduation and ID card, LAMPS, Athletics, and material fee), texts and selected readings. Program

Students can now fund their school fees by converting Aeroplan® Miles and TD Travel Rewards through 35,000 Aeroplan® Miles can be converted into $250 worth of credits at Laurentian University.

Students can also convert the Aeroplan® Miles of family members and friends to help pay for their tuition.

For more information and to set up an account, please visit:


A $400 non-refundable deposit is required by June 18, 2018 for 1st year undergraduate domestic students.


Status of Account

Students can view the balance of their account online by consulting the Account Summary on the WebAdvisor, under the Financial Information section. Changes in registration are posted to the Account Summary on a weekly basis.

Laurentian University uses several methods to inform students about dues dates, including our website, WebAdvisor, LUNET and email. We do not cancel late payment penalties because students did not consult their Laurentian email account or WebAdvsior on a regular basis. If students have difficulties accessing their email account or WebAdvisor, they are to contact the Help Desk at 705.675.1151 ext. 2200 or

Students are responsible for paying their university fees within the prescribed time limits regardless of whether they receive an e-statement notification or not, because they have online access to their Account Summary at all times.

If fees are owing to the Laurentian University, registration for future terms is not permitted and academic documents (diplomas, transcripts, letters of permission, official confirmations, etc.) are not released, until the account is paid in full. Delinquent accounts are transferred to the University’s internal collection department at the end of a session.


Financial Penalties

Late payment fee is applicable after May 4, 2018 for Spring/Summer sessions and August 10, 2018 for the Fall session and December 14, 2018 for Winter session. Any changes to registration after December 14, 2018 which results in an increase of fees must be paid following registration. In addition, interest of 1% monthly is added automatically to past due accounts.


Complete Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from all courses after the appropriate drop date must contact the Student Fees Office to ensure the complete withdrawal is processed correctly.



Payment Due Dates


Spring/Summer 2018 Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Winter 2019 (new registrants only)
May 4, 2018* August 10, 2018* December 14, 2018* January 7, 2019*


*If you register for courses after the payment due date, your payment is due upon registration.


Payment Options

1. Pay full amount for the Fall and Winter sessions (tuition for the full academic year based on the fees schedule for program of study, incidental fees, residence and meal plan).

2. Pay one session at a time. Pay all incidental fees, all Fall courses, half of Fall/Winter courses, half the residence and half of the meal plan. Thereafter, the balance of the account is due December 14, 2018. If winter courses are added after December 14, 2018 fees must be paid following registration.

Students are responsible for paying their university fees within the prescribed time limits regardless of whether they receive an e-statement notification or not, because they have online access to their Account Summary at all times.

Late service fees and interest charges will accrue on outstanding balances.


OSAP recipients

The payment of fees will be deferred without financial penalty until September 15, 2018 if student has instructed OSAP to pay their fees directly to Laurentian University, and they are receiving sufficient funding.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their OSAP application is complete and a confirmed assessment has been obtained in order for the University to receive funds in a timely manner.

If the amount available from the first and second OSAP disbursement is less than the required amount the student is responsible to pay the difference to the University by the set deadlines.

If student has instructed OSAP not to pay their fees on their behalf, student must ensure payment of the full first installment is received by August 10th, 2017 and second instalment December 14, 2018.

Any changes to registration after December 14 which results in an increase of fees must be paid upon registration by the student.

Late service fees and interest charges will accrue on outstanding balances.