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Wendy Jerome

Donor and former professor in Sports Psychology

I taught here for 36 years, and I am aware of the difficulties faced by many students.

When I went to University, it was a struggle. I was working and going to school and had no family support. In my third-year, I faced seriously financial difficulties. I will never forget the day my dean came up to me and said “there’s a bursary that I think you should apply for that will help.” I applied and I got it. It was only $200 but the relief was incredible and it helped me pay my tuition that year. It was a huge burden lifting off my shoulders. Even today, I can just feel the relief.

I have never forgotten that day. Since I’ve retired, I have wanted to provide a similar type of assistance to another needy student. It meant so much to me to have a helping hand and I know there are many students out there who need one.

I love my students and love teaching. When people ask me what I miss most about Sudbury, I say “I miss my students.”

Hopefully the bursary I have endowed will help a student remain in school.

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