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Ayden Meilleur

Third-year student in Kinesiology

Despite a long year of balancing a packed schedule, studying for exams and getting up early for practice, Ayden Meilleur, a third-year Laurentian Voyageur student-athlete, believes all his hard work has “paid off” after being named a recipient of the Frederick Arthur Walmesley Memorial Bursary.

“It’s really nice to be appreciated like this,” said Meilleur, a member of the men’s soccer team. “Receiving a bursary really does help you get through the tough times.”

Established by the late Thelma V. Walmesley in memory of her brother, the Frederick Arthur Walmesley Memorial Bursary is awarded to students entering their second, third or fourth-year of any undergraduate program, on the basis of academic standing, financial need and participation in Interuniversity Athletics.

It takes significant commitment and dedication to perform on the field and maintain a high GPA, and Meilleur, who is currently obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, believes receiving a bursary definitely keeps himself driven to accomplish more.

“The bursary is a nice incentive,” he said. “It really does motivate you to keep up your studying and the work you are doing.”

Meilleur, who is a Thunder Bay native, is studying to become a doctor. Being a proud northerner, he would like to continue his education at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM).

“I do appreciate it,” Meilleur said. “I’m actually hoping for NOSM, and just the competitiveness of it makes it hard, but receiving bursaries like this motivates you to try and get that higher GPA. I always wanted to stay in the north, and being recognized here draws me in even more.”

Having been the beneficiary of a donor’s generosity, Meilleur is also looking forward to helping future students achieve their academic success.

“Believe me, just a little goes a long way for a student,” he said. “It makes you think about doing the same for another student someday. It would be nice if I could be the next generation to give back to the community.”

To learn more about memorial gifts and gift planning please contact the Development Office by calling 705.675.4872 or emailing