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April 28, 1:30 PM - Email to University Community

Maintaining Face Covering Policy, Pausing Vaccination Policy

Hello, Aanii, Bonjour, 

I hope that all of you have seen success as we near the completion of our final examinations for the semester and that you are looking forward to beginning a new one next week. 

This Spring Semester arrives as we modify our COVID-19 campus policies. Through discussions with all levels of our campus community, including the Board of Governors, as well as with Public Health authorities and colleagues within Ontario’s universities, we have determined that adapting our protocols is the best approach to ensuring the health and safety of our campus community. 

I must also caution that these changes may be temporary, and could be reversed based on Public Health guidance.


Changes to campus policies as of May 1, 2022

We strongly recommend that all community members continue to keep up with their vaccinations (including boosters) and update their status via Personally, I am booked to receive my 4th booster dose soon and hope that many others choose to do the same. 

  • The Health and Wellness Clinic (SSR-G19) will continue to offer doses of COVID-19 vaccinations for all eligible persons
  • Rapid testing will continue to be available at the Health & Wellness Clinic 
  • The email address is monitored daily

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we continue to prioritize the safety of our campus community.

Thank you, Miigwech, Merci,


Robert Haché, Ph.D. 
President and Vice-Chancellor