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This Week in Research:Irish clinical study supports a sudbury chemoresponse test

Dr. Amadeo Parissenti in the spotlight!


September 14, 2016        

SUDBURY, ON – An Irish clinical study was recently published in the renowned Journal of the National Cancer Institute supporting a locally invented test to evaluate the effectiveness of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients.


Patients treated with chemotherapy can experience significant short- and often long-term harmful side effects. The RNA Disruption Assay (RDA) is a test providing physicians information on how patients are responding to chemotherapy treatment. RDA can identify those who are not responding early in their treatment.  Patients who are non-responders to the chemotherapy could be spared the toxic side effects of the treatment and switched earlier to potentially better treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, or other drugs.

The new study by Dr. Bryan Hennessy of the Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, tested the RDA in breast cancer patients.  RDA is an exciting new technology that addresses a serious unmet need. With RDA testing we will be able to tailor treatment to actual patient response. We are interested in exploring how RDA can help us improve treatments for breast cancer and rectal cancer patients,” said Dr. Bryan Hennessy, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute also invited Dr. Maureen Trudeau, MA, MD, FRCPC, from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to comment on the study.

She stated that “RDA warrants further investigation as a potential candidate with both prognostic and predictive benefits. Women with breast cancer will benefit from the knowledge that their treatment is effective, and if not, will benefit perhaps from a switch in therapy and avoidance of further side effects from ineffective treatment.

“Dr. Hennessey’s findings are very encouraging and suggest that RDA can be used very early in treatment with multiple chemotherapy regimens,” says Amadeo Parissenti, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer for Rna Diagnostics,Inc.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute publishes peer-reviewed original research from around the world and is internationally acclaimed as a source for the most up-to-date news on cancer research and treatment.

RDA was developed by Laurentian University professor Dr. Amadeo Parissenti and his research associate Dr. Baoqing Guo of Health Sciences North.  The University has licensed the technology exclusively to Rna Diagnostics Inc., a Canadian molecular diagnostics company that develops diagnostic tools to improve chemotherapy management. Rna Diagnostics has established a state of the art laboratory at the Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI) in Sudbury.  It gratefully acknowledges its “northern” supporters, including its Sudbury investors, the Northern Cancer Foundation, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, the Industrial Research Assistance Program and FedNor.

*Direct from HSNRI News Release*