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This Week in Research – Welcome to transferring Barrie researchers

Welcome to transferring Barrie researchers

On Tuesday, May 2nd, Laurentian University we be welcoming faculty members transferring from Barrie to the Sudbury campus. As part of the full-day Orientation/Welcome event, the Office of Research Services (ORS) will be making a presentation to the faculty members in order to familiarize them with the broad suite of research support services offered at Laurentian. Faculty members will also be given a tour of the ORS website, where they can find information regarding funding opportunities and deadlines, as well as the office’s social media platforms which highlights Laurentian’s local and global research activities and achievements.

Many of these transferring faculty members, representing the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Health, and the Faculty of Management, are highly engaged in research programs covering a variety of topics including:

understanding the psychological underpinnings of emerging extremist behaviours around the globe;

examining the ways in which sitting Prime Ministers shape the Canadian national identity;

comparing the politics of inequality in Canada with other wealthy world democracies;

experimenting with different models of self-leadership in home healthcare to improve service delivery and patient satisfaction;

re-mapping Canadian political theory and epistemologies;

exploring the role of perfectionism and social influences in contemporary constructs of masculinity.

Several members also hold SSHRC funding and/or actively apply for both internal and external research grants. 

The research excellence of these transferring faculty members will greatly enhance the research and academic environments of the Sudbury campus, and the ORS is committed to facilitating a smooth transition of their research activities.  The mandate of ORS is to support all Laurentian researchers with all aspects of their research endeavours. This mandate encompasses a broad suite of services which includes assisting researchers in every step of the pre and post research grant funding process, grant funding administration, knowledge mobilization, human participant research ethics, animal use protocols, and intellectual property management, technology transfer, and innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

Throughout the year, the ORS also organizes and leads capacity building workshops and seminars for faculty members in the areas of grant-writing for Tri-Council grant, human ethics and grant administration through the ROMEO portal. In addition, the ORS works diligently to celebrate the achievements of Laurentian’s researchers through a series of knowledge mobilization events including the annual multidisciplinary, campus and community-wide celebration, Research Week. The ORS is looking forward to engaging the transferring Barrie faculty members in the activities as well as assisting them to forge new research collaborations and partnerships on campus and in the broader Sudbury community.