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This Week in Research, LIVING ON THE OUTSIDE:

A multimedia exhibit exploring the realities of home


LIVING ON THE OUTSIDE: A multimedia exhibit exploring the realities of home

This community-based digital story-telling and photo-voice knowledge mobilization project is one of the important outcomes of Dr. Carol Kauppi’s $1,000,000 SSHRC Community-based Research Alliance  (CURA) project, Community-based responses to poverty, homelessness and migration in northern communities, a subject that she has been researching  since 2000. This exhibit has also garnered significant media attention through the CBC:

Hosted at Gallery 6500, part of the SteelWorker’s Union Hall, between June 12 and July 11, 2016, the photographs in this exhibit, Living on the outside, were created by homeless and near homeless persons in Sudbury, Cochrane, Fort Albany First Nation and Constance Lake First Nation to show the nature of their living circumstances. The participants were 30 women and 31 men – Anglophone, Francophone and Indigenous people, between the ages of 18 and 83. Each photograph tells its own story about how “sleeping rough” and substandard housing affect mental health. The exhibit includes narratives about the impact of disordered housing on homeless and near homeless people. The participant photographers show the research team their emotions, challenges, and strengths which help us to step into their every-day lives. The images reveal hidden aspects of life at the margins of the city.

The challenges of homelessness and poverty resonate strongly with Joseph Roberts, a social activist, author, motivational speaker and CEO, received an Honorary Doctorate at the Barrie convocation ceremony on June 23rd, 2016. Born and raised in Barrie, Mr. Roberts overcame personal struggles with addiction, poverty and homelessness.  He created a foundation dedicated to youth drug prevention after entering an alcohol and drug intensive treatment program.  As a motivational speaker, Mr. Roberts has reached thousands of young people.  He is currently leading a campaign to end homelessness among youth called Push for Change and was named to the Maclean’s Magazine’s Honour Roll in 2003 and has won several awards for his public service.