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This Week in Research: Laurentian Forging New Partnerships for Enhanced Research Collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Laurentian University has been working with the Laboratory Services Branch (LaSB) of The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to establish a formal partnership that will enhance the suite of services and equipment for the new Purdue Analytic Facility set to open at Laurentian University in September 2018.  This timely collaboration will also provide both institutional and faculty research with support and technical expertise to significantly augment research capacity and provide valuable endorsement for grant applications and industry partnerships.  The LaSB is a state-of-art analytical testing facility in Toronto for a wide variety of pollutants.  Over 125 research scientists and staff work at this full-service, accredited, environmental analytical laboratory.

On August 23, 2017, the team of LaSB, led by Dr. Joseph Odumeru, Director, visited Laurentian to learn more about the type of research that is happening on campus.    Dr. Odumeru noted during his visit, “Partnership and collaboration with the academic community is essential for our applied research work in our lab. We look forward to our future collaboration with Laurentian University on various aspects of analytical method development and exchange of scientific expertise,”  

Over a dozen faculty members and researchers as well as staff from the Office of Research Services and the VP Research Office attended the meeting to discuss collaboration and partnership opportunities.  Many future areas of collaboration were discussed at the meeting including equipment sharing for the new Analytical Facility in the Cliff Fielding Research, Innovation and Engineering Building, support and references for both parties in the solicitation of new equipment and grants, opportunities for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, internships and summer student employment for Laurentian faculty and students at the MOECC labs in Toronto, joint national and international branding of our respective and collaborative research programs and individual research partnerships for many of Laurentian’s faculty.

“It was wonderful to see the direct overlap of strategic priorities for our Institution and the MOECC,” says Dr. Greg Ross, Northern Ontario School of Medicine and one of the faculty who participated in the productive meeting.  “Laurentian's vision of healthy water now and for the future aligns directly with the Ministry's focus on protecting Ontario's water and the Great Lakes.  When we share objectives like that, it is so exciting to think about the amazing opportunities we have to work together."

Dr. John Gunn, echoed his remarks, “MOECC is an important partner for Laurentian as we strive together to meet our mission statement of "Clean Water Now and Forever".

MOECC guests were also one of the first groups to stand in the new 10,000 square foot analytical facility space currently under construction.  The ½ day meeting ended with a bird’s eye view of the new Cliff Fielding Research, Innovation and Engineering Building from the roof of the Parker Building.