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This Week in Research –Dr.Lynne Gouliquer Researcher Profile


Name/Nom: Dr. Lynne Gouliquer

Contact: (4243)

Department/Départment: Sociology/Sociologie

Faculty/Faculté: Arts

Current research projects/Projets de recherche en cours:

Dr. Gouliquer’s research passion lies in the exploration of marginalisation and oppression, sociologically. Over the years, she has worked on many research projects in close collaboration with Dr. Carmen Poulin, a Psychologist at the University of New Brunswick. Together, they developed a feminist qualitative methodology called the Psycho-Social Ethnography of the Commonplace (P-SEC). The purpose of the P-SEC methodology is to help researchers expose and explicate how the formal and informal practices of our social institutions influence and complicate the lives of marginalised people. They use the P-SEC methodology as a means of understanding social marginalisation and furthering positive social change for a group (

They have had the privilege to explore marginalisation through the stories of the following groups: Canadian women working in male-dominated occupations (female firefighters in the Canadian fire services, women soldiering in the Canadian military); older adults living in rural communities in New Brunswick; LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) soldiers working in the Canadian military and their partners; and their latest collaboration, the oldest-old living independently at home. This later project focuses on the resilience stories of 90+ year-old Francophone and Anglophone people of the Maritimes. The women in the fire services and 90+ projects are currently in the data analysis and data collection stages.

Their LGBT Canadian soldiers’ project is in the knowledge mobilisation stages. Based on their findings, they developed a collaboration with different Canadian LGBT groups (e.g., We Demand an Apology Network), which has resulted in social action. The collaborative reports are available by googling the following document identifier numbers: DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1568.0728, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23697.02403, and DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.13630.69440. 

An official Government apology and discussion concerning retribution for past injustices and suffering inflicted by the military police and RMCP toward LGBT soldiers and civil servants is expected early this Fall by the Trudeau government. (Preliminary announcements have already been made: E.g.,

This fall, Drs. Gouliquer and Poulin also will be releasing a report summarising the findings from their SSHRC-funded pan-Canadian qualitative study (N= 112) examining the experiences of career and volunteer female firefighters (Putting out fires and taking their place: Women in the Canadian fire services). They presented preliminary findings at the Canadian Psychological Association’s meeting in Victoria in June 2016. The title of their presentation was Female firefighters in leadership roles: “There’s no line up for the washrooms!” In this context, they reported on some of the barriers faced, and coping strategies utilized, by female firefighters.

Their study regarding 90+ year old adults living at home is progressing smoothly; they are now focussed on increasing their Francophone sample. Thus, if you know of any 90+ Francophone New Brunswickans, your help would be greatly appreciated! In addition, Dr. Gouliquer has been working to expand the oldest-old adult project to include the stories of Indigenous peoples. Making community links is in progress, but any community partners and collaborators are welcome to