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This Week in Research – Celebration of Laurentian University’s Publication achievement

Celebration of Laurentian University’s Publication achievement

This February, the Office of the Vice President Research called for applications from Departments/Schools for Laurentian University’s first ever Publication Acceleration Award. 

This award was designed to foster and encourage publications by both faculty members as well as by highly qualified personnel at Laurentian University.  The intent of this award was to provide additional incentive to further encourage the publication of books, book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, and other forms of research output, authored or created by Laurentian University researchers.

For this pilot award program, a total of 13 departments/schools submitted applications, representing the following faculties: Science, Engineering and Architecture; Health; Management; Arts; and Education.  Of the 13 departments who applied, 5 met the initial cut-off of having increased their publication output by at least 10% in 2016 over the baseline years of 2014 and 2015.  After the initial cut-off, the award was distributed based on the total number of new publications in 2016, with an adjustment for the number of faculty within each department/school.  All 5 of the departments/schools ended up sharing a portion of the $100,000 total award, with a breakdown as follows:

  • L’école des sciences de l’éducation - $34,056
  • Department of Math and Computer Science - $21,799
  • The School of Human Kinetics - $21,598
  • The Department of Biology - $19,024
  • The School of Sports Administration - $3,523

These award monies will now be specifically used by each department to promote and enhance their publication activity and intensity.  Some of these activities include defraying the costs of publication, hiring a technical writer or graphic designer to help with figures for a publication, and organizing workshops around specific publication challenges.

When asked about the importance of the Publication Award, school and department directors underlined the how the award will accelerate research activities at Laurentian University: 

"Faculty members at École des sciences de l’éducation were honoured to learn that we had received the 2017 Publication Acceleration Award. Being actively engaged in numerous cutting edge research projects, we were incredibly proud to be recognized as being an important part of the success of Laurentian University’s research culture. We look forward to utilizing this award to continue to promote and reinforce our numerous publication endeavours."

Ginette Roberge, Ph.D. Interim Director, School of Education Sciences


"The School of Human Kinetics is very pleased to have received funding to facilitate the ability of our researchers and our students to disseminate the outcomes of their research. We will take advantage of this positive momentum to further enhance our research productivity as well as our reputation as scholars and leaders in the field of Human Kinetics research."

Céline Larivière, Ph.D. Director, School of Human Kinetics


As this 2017 Award was a pilot program, over the course of the summer the Office of the Vice Present Research will be seeking input and feedback from researchers to help improve the Publication Acceleration Award for future years.  Should you have any questions or feedback regarding this Award program, please contact Craig Fowler (, Associate Vice-President Research Partnerships, Innovation, and Economic Development.

And finally, a big thank you to all departments who took the time to submit applications, and congratulations to all 5 departments listed above who ended up sharing in the prize.  We wish everyone publication success in the coming year and hope to see even more applications for next year’s Publication Acceleration Award!