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Supplementary Application Forms

Take care of the little extra!

For applicants to the following programs, all relevant documentation must be submitted by the posted deadline in order to be eligible for a conditional offer. For current applicants, all information will be made available through your Applicant Portal at

If you are considering an education with Laurentian University in the future, or you would like any additional information on the supporting documentation, please do not hesitate to contact Liaison Services at



Information to submit

Brief overview

Submission Deadline


  • Portfolio  
  • Statement of Interest
  • 2 letters of reference

Students applying to the Architecture program will prepare a portfolio reflective of their creative works and inspirations. These documents are submitted with very specific directions which are provided to the students upon completing their application.

February 14th

Human Kinetics


Health Promotion

Outdoor Adventure Leadership

Sport and Physical Education


Sport Psychology



  • Personal profile form



The Personal Profile form requires students to reflect on their skills in related areas and write short statements regarding their educational goals. Students may also be required to submit information regarding previous training and experience in health related areas.

*Please note that students applying to a Concurrent Education program, in combination with a Human Kinetics program, must submit a Personal Profile form.

February 1st



  • Personal Profile form

The Personal Profile form for Midwifery has students address 4 specific questions related to the profession and to being a student/practitioner in a Northern community. Students will also submit statements of academic and volunteer history.

February 1st


  • Audition
  • Theory dictation placement test

Applicants must perform an entrance audition in their principal instrument or voice. All performers are required to play or sing two pieces in contrasting styles. All instrumentalists are required to play technical exercises or scales appropriate to their instrument. Auditions and placement tests are held at various times in mid-March.


Radiation Therapy

  • Interview

Prospective Radiation Therapy students must attend an interview session in the spring, as schedule by the Radiation Therapy program. The interview session will consist of an oral interview as well as a written exercise

March 1st